Mental health Awareness week provides a perfect opportunity to explore the progress the UK has made in tackling adolescent mental health issues and some of the problems which still need to be addressed in order to fully help young people. Undoubtedly the last 12 months have showcased a growing presence of mental health professionals within schools to provide support to young people along with mental health projects such as Young Minds Amplified geared towards training public sector workers to become more aware of spotting the early signs of adolescent mental distress. Therefore with this in mind it’s clear the UK has made progress in raising awareness of adolescent mental health issues amongst public sector workers and becoming more multi-faceted in how we are tackling this issue. However despite this progress, the waiting times for CAMHS still remain unacceptable with at least 60% of young people referred by GPs still failing to receive treatment. Mental health issues amongst young people today are on the rise in an increasingly unpredictable world whereby younger generations are continuously exposed to social pressures through social media resulting in mental distress. In fact although British society has become more aware of these issues and the government has showcased a willingness to tackle these problems more still needs to be done. The presence of mental health experts within schools and training teachers to become more aware of adolescent mental health issues provides an opportunity to bridge the gap of waiting times for treatment young people are currently facing. In line with this research also had a crucial role to play in showcasing how society can understand and use technological tools such as social media to tackle adolescent mental issues. With respect to mental health awareness week the Youth Voice Journal is currently sending out calls for papers on themed issues and our latest edition is dedicated to calls for research papers exploring mental health and all the prevailing issues around this topic.


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