The peer reviewed Youth Voice Journal is pleased to announce a new structured format of themes across the 2018 calendar year dedicated to forwarding youth narratives on four key issues.

The YVJ is looking to publish papers on issues surrounding LGBT month issues (February), Mental Health Awareness week (May), Refugee Week (June) and Black History Month (October). IARS Publications recognise these issues as increasingly important to young people all over the world, carrying a significant impact on both their identities and lives.

In light of developing these new themes, the YVJ and IARS Publications will continue to adhere to its core principles of welcoming innovate research providing fresh perspectives – as always we encourage submission from young authors in particular!

Therefore we are looking for Guest Editors for these Special Issues who will work alongside the Editor, Professor Theo Gavrielides, to solicit and edit submissions. If you are interested in contributing or joining us as a guest editor please get in touch  –

We look forward to keeping you updated with the latest developments of these themes and expect to publish of the first round of papers in February 2018 dedicated to exploring LGBT issues from a youth perspective.

In the meantime please have a look at past articles in the journal’s archives or through our webstore.


The Youth Voice Journal is published by IARS Publications, a small non profit publishing house specialising in social sciences and the publication of cutting edge research impacting on young people, human rights, restorative justice and crime.

YVJ COVER.jpgIARS Publications



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