Social media today carries an ever growing influence in every aspect of our lives especially for younger generations. Therefore it was not surprising to the see the leading political parties in the build up to the general election use social media as a tool to connect with youth voters and increase voter registration figures. Indeed the term “digital election” strongly resonates with 2017 general election and the increased youth turnout of 68% in 2017 compared to 65% in 2015. The delusion and lack of interest in politics, which many long believed to be prominent amongst young people, appears to be gradually disappearing in the wake of political parties encompassing youth dominated social media platforms as key strategies in promoting manifestos. One prominent example of this in recent years has been the 99% Campaign. As a result of this, youth-led social media today not only offers us a glimpse into the lives of young people but also their political stances and desire to vote for which political party will undoubtedly affect their future.

IARS Publications is proud to facilitate the publication of the 99% Campaign’s, youth led magazines, of which there are currently 3 editions to date. These can be found online on the IARS bookstore. If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch!


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